Facebook Ad Results

dental marketing results 2018-2020
dental marketing case study

The phones are ringing off the hook!

facebook advertising success

84 leads 47 days DURING covid19 shut down.

84 cosmetic leads 47 days $4.42 - coronavirus

75 New Patient Leads In 30 Days

Miller 75 leads 30 days

135 Dental Implant Leads in 26 days

Woods 135 leads 26 days

39 Leads in 2 days


165 leads in less than 3 weeks

Dorian 165 opt ins less than 3 weeks

76 leads in 2 weeks

Tayo 76 leads 2 weeks

50 cosmetic dentistry leads in 1 month

Schefdore 50 leads 1 month
8 days 64 cosm leads

Follow Up Program Examples

We go above and beyond! When we team up on advertising, we will automatically follow up with your leads for you to get them scheduled. You can manage your responses easily using our app on your phone or computer!

In roughly 2 weeks, check out how many new patient leads wanted to schedule an appointment for cosmetic dental treatments. This is ONLY the text message responses. This does not show the phone calls the staff made themselves that got patients scheduled or the calls from patients to schedule.

2 wks patient schedule requests
office email 100%
sierra 93% delivered

We're even able to show you proof of how successful the email marketing campaigns are running.

Reputation Management Examples

Why do online reviews matter for your business?

  • 93% of people agree that online reviews determine is a business is good or bad.
  • 87% say a business must have a star rating of at least 3 stars.
  • 77% said an online review has to be left within 3 months to impact their decision.
  • A simple ONE star difference in your rating can impact your revenue by up to 10%. Went from a 4 star to 3 star? You just lost about 10% of your revenue!!! Going from a 3 star to 4 star rating? Up to 10% more revenue!
reputation management
relationship center 23 to 32 reviews

Video SEO Examples

Browse through a handful of examples of our work with videos. We work with all types of professionals: dentists, plastic surgeons, real estate agents, salons, and more.

We create videos that are less than 1 minute long in order to keep the viewers attention. As you can see as you scroll through this page, this is not always the case. We create the videos that you want. Some clients choose to provide us with testimonial videos or news casts.

Website Creation & SEO Examples

Pharmaden - a supplement company:

Celebrity Smiles - a Chicagoland dental office:

Mr. Trim - a convertible top & upholstery repair shop

Martin & Kent LLC - Criminal Defense Attorneys in DuPage County