Who is Top Search Video?

A group of business people became frustrated when their website did not appear on the first page of Google after paying thousands of dollars and years of trying. They were tired of seeing the poor performance of their pay-per-click and other internet strategies that they tried. So they discovered how to get their short business video on the first page of Google with multiple search terms. Their influx of new customers reported that the short video was faster and easier than going to a website. Because of this feedback “Top Search Video” was born. Imagine Top Search Video putting your business on the first page of Google with multiple search terms in a matter of 1-2 months and having consumers clicking on it before other like business on the page. The video works for virtually any business. We do not create videos for the same industries in the same cities. Why would we want our customers to have to compete against each other?

Why should I invest in a video to be on the first page of Google?

YouTube and iPhones have changed the way consumers find a business for a service or product that they want. PEOPLE ARE LAZY! We expect to get information faster and easier than in the past. When people have a choice of choosing a short video or a long website to get information, they will click on your video almost every time. Videos in search results (like a Google search) have a 41% higher click through rate than plain text results.

A short video of your business serves as a visual, more accessible, quicker means of getting your information than having the consumer navigate a website.

Why do you want to rank on Google?

Because Google handles over 80% of all the internet traffic. Most people do not look past the first page of Google to find your service or product that they want to purchase.


What is my video going to contain?

It will have your contact information, information about the service/product they are looking or and highlight other aspects of your business. For example, if you were a dentist it might show your upscale office, friendly staff, or before and after pictures of your work. We do this so it will keep their interest and they watch the entire video. It is important that we keep them engaged to watch the entire video because it will improve your ranking.

BONUS: Instead of your video appearing on the first page of Google with one only search term (1 specific area combined with 1 service/product), Top Search Video creates your custom video so it will have the possibility to be on the first page of Google for 10 different searches in several areas surrounding your business! This means more profit for your business. Also, if you have an extremely competitive search term for your area and we cannot get the video on the first page for that search, you can be on the 1st page for 9 other searches! The goal is to drive as much business in your door so they buy your most profitable services in as many areas surrounding your business. That is why we ask you for a minimum of either 5 areas (cities, neighborhoods, boroughs, etc.) with 2 different highly profitable products/services OR 2 areas with 5 different highly profitable products/services.

(5 areas X 2 services = 10 different searches).

Bottom line: A short video on the first page of Google empowers a quality consumer to get information easier and faster than a website. A business owner can focus on attracting people that want to purchase high profit products and services.

How long in length will my video be?

Research shows that most people will not look at a video more than 45 seconds. The longer the video, the less people will watch the entire thing. Your custom video will be under 45 seconds. If you want to use your own video that is longer than 45 seconds we are able to accommodate the needs of our clients.

What guarantee do you have that you will get me on the first page of Google with video?

Check this out! Our guarantee is you DO NOT PAY until we perform. Your billing cycle does not start until we have one of your videos on the first page of Google. Typically 4-10 of your search terms will appear on the first page. If you target high profit services/products like a dentist would target dental implants then just 1-3 good clients from only one search can pay for the entire year! Want to target more searches? Then have us make you more videos! Some of our customers make 4-6 videos and have 25+ search terms in several different areas surrounding their business on the first page of Google. This is a great strategy to dominate your internet area & steal your competitors leads.

Will I be exclusive for my area?

Yes, we contract with only one like business in a geographic area.

What kind of return on my investment should I expect as a medical professional?

1-3 good quality patients could pay for an entire year of our video services. More searches means more quality customers and larger profits. That is why most clients target 21-50 different search combination. However, keep in mind the video is not the “magic bullet”. After the consumer watches your video 75% of them will go look at your reviews and website to decide if they should do business with you. If you need us to help you get more and better reviews or a better website let us know. Our short custom video is a valuable piece in your total marketing BUT without the video new clients probably would not have looked at your website or your reviews.

How much does it cost?

We have a variety of packages that depend on how many locations & services/products you want to target. Our goal is to honestly help out other businesses so if you are low on funds we are willing to work out different pricing options.

There are financial perks to bundling different services.

**For videos, we guarantee that your billing cycle will not start until one video achieves first page status. Typically 4-10 different searches will bring up your video on the first or second page in the first 60 days, depending on the area and service/product.

So, all of my search terms will not show up on the first page of Google for videos?

Your video has a much better chance to appear on the first page of Google for a specific services/product and smaller geographic area. For example, the search term “Chicago dentist” is too broad, while “Michigan Avenue dental veneers” has a much better chance to appear on the first page of Google. The name of the game is to have multiple search words drive more customers in your door instead of just one broad search term.

It is also beneficial to you to target someone searching for something specific that brings you the most profile (like a dentist targeting veneers or dental implants) because they already know what they want & know they are going to spend that money, which also reduces your efforts to sell yourself. Compare this to someone just looking for a dentist. That could be for just a cleaning or a whitening...which does not make much profit.

How long do I have to have a contract with you?


Please note: When it comes to our video services, some videos will rank quickly and others take us more time. The longer you have the videos live, the higher chance we will get them to rank on the first page. We recommend waiting at least 3 months before a majority of videos will be ranking.

Why would I want more videos?

The more specific keyword services and surrounding cities you have on the internet the more you can dominate your internet area. Imagine targeting 40 different searches and showing up for 25 of those searches on the 1st page. 99% of the time you will be the only video on the page! This proven strategy attracts people looking for the most profitable services that you do.

How does this work for a smartphone or tablet?

Videos really stand out on the iPad and iPhone. Over 50% of people search for a service using their smart phone or tablet and have a difficult time trying to read a website or telephone number on a phone. With your custom video displayed on a cell/tablet, the consumer can easily and quickly see all of your information about your business. Usually it is the only phone number on the first page! Research shows that people searching for a business or product on the cell/tablet are generally in a hurry and want the information NOW. The business video is the only product that can offer this to the consumer.

How much work is it for me to create the video?

All we need from you is to a list of locations & services/products to target. We will speak with you briefly for maybe 10 minutes….and that is it! We will take most of the information that we need from your website to create the video, unless you have a video already created that you would like us to use. Occasionally, you might have to supply us with additional pictures of staff, the product and services you offer, or before and after pictures.

Can I make my own video instead of yours then have you get it to rank?

Yes! If you would like to create your own video for us to rank for you, we will work with you to do so. But, because research shows that a video should be no more than 45 seconds we do highly recommend a time limit on videos. If you want to use a video longer than 1 minute we have problem doing that for you! If you are interested in doing this then please contact us and we can discuss pricing options.