Not only did the patient below come to Dr. Schefdore from our advertising but he liked it so much that he hired us for his law firm. He literally was sitting in a dental chair down the street when he saw an ad we are running for Dr. Schefdore so he decided to check out his reviews, looked at his website and examples of his work and literally walked out the door and called Dr. Schefdore's office. Now THAT'S marketing that works!

"I've been marketing our practices since 1985. About 5 years ago ALL of my marketing started taking a nosedive. I struggled for a couple of years to figure out how to get quality patients in the door. The last 2 years we are seeing all the new quality patients that I can handle. It is so nice having the luxury of picking and choosing the patients that I want to work with. Thank you Allie from Top Search marketing." - Dr. R.S., Chicago


"We got 101 leads so far! That's great! I'm a bit overwhelmed at the moment!" - Dr. B.D., Denver


"After just a few month after the videos were up for 36 different search terms, I had back to back the best production months in 3 days." - Dr. G.P., Chicago


"I just completed a $53,000 implant case and a $18,000 veneer case a few months after putting up the videos. I really like that I can pick specific search words that will put my videos in front of people that I want to attract in my practice. I also like the fact that my videos appear on the first page of Google for 40+ dental search terms 365 days a year 24/7. Neither of these things every happened with my website." - Dr. Ron, Westmont


"thanks for all your remarkable truly remarkable accomplishments I’ve worked with a lot of SEO companies over the last 15-20 years since the Internet evolved. You are one of the top if not the best one that has delivered results." - Tim Martin, Criminal Defense Attorney

dental marketing results 2018-2020

Check out how many NEW patients wanted to schedule an appointment at this dental office within 2 weeks - from Facebook ads alone.

2 wks patient schedule requests

In the first THREE hours....6 leads, THREE scheduled.

pasha results day 1
facebook advertising success
72 denture 1 week
16 cosmetic lead 1 weekend emails
37 cosmetic leads first 24 hours
41,000 worth of dentristry
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best month ever - drs coaching_
tarek review
chris kammer review
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