“I’ve been marketing our practices since 1985. About 5 years ago ALL of my marketing started taking a nosedive. I struggled for a couple of years to figure out how to get quality patients in the door. The last 2 years we are seeing all the new quality patients that I can handle. It is so nice having the luxury of picking and choosing the patients that I want to work with. Thank you Allie from Top Search marketing.” – Dr. R.S., Chicago


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“After just a few month after the videos were up for 36 different search terms, I had back to back the best production months in 3 days.” – Dr. G.P., Chicago


“I just completed a $53,000 implant case and a $18,000 veneer case a few months after putting up the videos. I really like that I can pick specific search words that will put my videos in front of people that I want to attract in my practice. I also like the fact that my videos appear on the first page of Google for 40+ dental search terms 365 days a year 24/7. Neither of these things every happened with my website.” – Dr. Ron, Westmont